Vancouver startup Spark raises $1 million in funding

A Vancouver-based startup that manages the marketing and selling of nearly $10 billion worth of real estate projects, and aims to disrupt the real estate marketing industry, has secured over $1 million in funding.

In a release, Spark says that its highly successful first round of funding will go towards research and development, growing its workforce, and expanding to markets in other countries.

The company’s platform incorporates the sales and marketing tools for the entire product lifecycle of a new real estate project, which includes listing, inventory and contract tracking, email marketing, and event management.

The company was founded four years ago by business partners Simeon Garratt and Cody Curley and originally targeted luxury developments, but their business model quickly shifted into reinventing how all real estate is marketed and sold.

“Our goal is to make it easier and more efficient for developers and marketers to sell properties,” said Simeon Garratt, CEO of Spark, in a statement. “A short time into our startup, my partner, Cody Curley, and I pivoted our business based on client feedback and market demand for smarter software to sell new developments.”

Over the past 18 months, the company has experienced an average monthly growth of 30%. The real estate and tech startup’s portfolio is used in six countries and its clients include some of the top developers and brokerages in Vancouver, Eastern Canada, New York City, and London, where it works with a prominent United Kingdom developer and has an extensive portfolio in central London. Additionally, it is working with a developer in Vancouver that is planning to build 40 towers over the coming decade.