Green Energy

Hillcore Green Energy is concentrated on commercial-scale renewable energy development.

Hillcore Geen Energy

Hillcore Green Energy is concentrated on commercial-scale renewable energy development.

We present the most reliable and economical energy solutions and actively build the future of decentralized energy with effective, resource-saving outcomes.

Our goal is to sustainably develop and deliver projects in these areas:

–       Bio Energy & Bio Fuel
–       Wind Power
–       Run-of-River Hydroelectric
–       Solar Power
–       Energy Storage

Hillcore Group engages a budget and business-friendly approach to renewable power that gives real, sustained economic benefit while making sure environmentally friendly energy infrastructures.


Hydro Power Technologies, Inc. (HPT) is a green hydroelectric technology company. It is developing technology solutions that enhance power generation output in hydropower applications. HPT has developed a system to increase the power output of a PELTON turbine in hydro generation systems. The first generation product from HPT, known as “Hammer 1“, utilizes controlled water hammer dynamics to produce rapid fire, high speed, long water projectiles that have a velocity 1.25 to 1.30 times greater velocity than the traditional “free flow” turbines in operation to-day. The additional velocity increases the rotational torque of the PELTON turbine runner thus increasing the power generation.


AOE Accumulated Ocean Energy Inc. has developed patented technology to capture the immense power of ocean swells and waves and to transpose this energy into usable “Blue Energy” through a Wave Energy Converter (WEC). The swells and waves are used to compress air, by means of a buoy system, to be stored in reservoir tanks and later used to power machinery which desalinates water, produce electricity, perform aquaculture, oxygenate the ocean, produce hydrogen gas, and other domestic and industrial usages. AOE’s mission is to “harvest ocean energy with no negative impact on life, anywhere, in any manner.”


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