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Hillcore Life Sciences partners with leading innovative life science companies for the development of their drugs or medical technologies. Our unique investment structure provides our partners with equity capital to finance their development and clinical work while minimizing dilution to their shareholders. Each investment is custom tailored to our partner’s specific needs. We expect this sector to be a key area of focus for investments for the Hillcore Group in the years to come.

Cardio RX Ventures Canada

Acquired in December 2011, Cardio RX Ventures Canada owns the exclusive rights to market the CardiaPill in the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Israel. CardiaPill is a late stage cardiovascular drug currently being developed by CardioPharma. Through a service agreement with CardioPharma, Cardio RX has undertaken to fund most of the final development costs of the CardiaPill and registration costs of the drug in the jurisdictions in which it holds its licenses.

CardiaPill, which combines three FDA-approved cardiovascular drugs, is being designed to optimize the observed synergistic clinical benefits for patients with cardiovascular disease when all three drugs are taken simultaneously. Comprised of a “statin” or cholesterol lowering agent, an ACE or antihypertensive agent, and ASA an antiplatelet drug, CardiaPill is targeting a $20+ billion dollar market.

CardioPharma Inc. (www.cardio-pharma.com), is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on combinatorial cardiovascular products.

For more information, please contact:

Jean-Marc Bougie
Chief Executive Officer
Tel: 514.664.8893